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7 Places Where The Dead Are On Display And Everyone Is Apparently Cool With It

Generally, rooms full of dead bodies aren”t perfect hangout places, yet that”s just what some of the world”s most popular tourist destinations actually are. Some areas don”t even attempt to conceal the bodies, using them as decorations like the plastic ones you purchase last minute when you forget it”s Halloween.

Here are a few areas that have not a problem keeping their skeletons out of the closet. Nothing says “holiday destination” like seeing a corpse and attempting to fake it wasn”t once a living human being with a life as useless as your own!

1. Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini

Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini

The crypt of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini in Rome is filled with the bones of 4,000 dead friars who were entombed beneath the church between 1500 and . 1870 It”s always relaxing to be in an area where the dead outnumber the living.

2. Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec Ossuary

This chapel in Sedlec, Czech Republic, contorts the skeletons of seventy thousand individuals into intricate ornamentation that could have not been modeled from human remains. One wonders if chandelier maker and the local blacksmith are among the skeletons in the crypt.

3. El Conchalito

El Conchalito

This shore in Mexico is littered with just-buried skeletons from an ancient nomadic tribe. Nothing like a sandy skeleton to remind you of how valuable your skin is. Sunblock up, baby!

4. Cenote Segrado

Cenote Segrado

This popular swimming hole found in Yucatan, Mexico, was the sacrificial pool of the Mayans. It was believed that throwing their body into the pool and killing someone would appease the rain god Chaak and bring great crop for the year. The pool is admired for its dazzling azure waters. You’ve got the bodies that are sacrificed to thank for that, as it was accustomed to paint before tossing them in the bodies azure.

5. Hanging cliff coffins

Hanging cliff coffins

You can discover these constructions that are spooky throughout the Philippines, Indonesia, and China. You”ve been reading this piece long enough to rightly suppose that they”re full of bodies. The Bo people of China are especially happy to show off many of their folks have perished by taking away your lovely view of its topography.

6. Smoked corpses of Papua New Guinea

Smoked corpses of Papua New Guinea

The Kuku Kuku tribe in Papua New Guinea recall their deceased by smoking them over a fire and showing them in a bamboo framework. The existence of hundred-year old bodies isn”t even that creepy, until you learn the mummification procedure includes removing all organs through the anus. The mortal shells of former people actually round out this isle destination.

7. Roopkund Skeleton Lake

Roopkund Skeleton Lake

This might seem like a standard lake in the Himalayas, but when it thaws after an extended winter, visitors find that they”re not alone. The locals have been defending the precious lake property for more than a century. Scientists theorize the 600 skeletons in this lake ended up there after a complete group was taken out by a violent hail storm around 850 A.D.

So if you adore the feng shui a group of bones can bring to a space but don”t like waiting for October, take a look at these dark holiday destinations. Only understand that you”re the reason why these destinations don”t feel the need to give their dead a suitable interment.