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11 Creepy Things Facebook Is Doing That You Probably Don’t Even Know About

Facebook is probably the most omnipresent web site in the universe at the moment. Its popularity is always soaring, and we can not actually see it neglecting soon. It is an enjoyable way to join with new friends, old friends, relatives, and strangers.

But there’s some things that you just should know about this popular social media platform. They carry a ton of info about you that you mightn’t know about, and some of it’s completely creepy.

1. Facebook can be used for extortion. Hackers can get in there and find out awkward things about you they can use against you, since your Facebook profile includes a ton of info. By keeping profile info at a minimum, you will be served well.

2. Your photos that are uploaded include tons of info, such as where it was shot and what kind of camera shot the photo. With the new facial recognition system of Facebook, the website may also tell who was in the picture with you.

3. Facebook has predictive technology that quantifies how long your mouse hovers over specific advertisements. Based on that data, they repeat advertisements that hock products that are similar.

4. Google something and then see an advertisement for business or that thing in your Facebook? It is because they’ve partnerships with businesses to purchase your info so they can advertise.

5. If you’ve got Facebook in your telephone, you can be tracked by their place services. Facebook always understands where you’re, all the way down to latitude and the longitude of where you are.

6. If you have ever sent message or a filthy image over Facebook, the firm has a record of it. Eternally. It understands what image you sent, and who you sent it to, what you said. Only some food for thought.

7. Facebook is continuously striving to pry more information out of you, which is why it is consistently requesting you to upgrade where you work, so on, and your geographical area.

8. Anyone can link back to your profile by simply looking up that business if you’ve got your occupation recorded on Facebook. And businesses can look you up if you’re applying to occupations to see what type of social media existence you’ve (but you probably knew that).

9. Facebook has a record of every profile which you’ve clicked on, so your secret crushes mightn’t understand you stalk them, but Facebook undoubtedly does.

10. Facebook has hired scientific researchers to make the website as possible, which might be why you can not appear to stay off of it as appealing and addictive.

11. If you’ve got Facebook in your telephone, it’s access to your contacts, so you might see some “folks you may understand” in your feed that Facebook saw in your telephone.

Facebook is an excellent tool for staying in contact with folks, but be cautious of what you’re getting yourself into. It basically has the power. Do not cross Mark Zuckerberg.