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These Ninja-Like Children Have Hilariously Mastered The Art Of Napping

Studies reveal people often feel worn out in the late day, and that can be a tremendous issue if you work in an office where rests aren”t let…that is basically every office ever.

Fortunately, these children don”t need to worry about that feared 2:30 feeling. Whenever and wherever they desire they are able to only rest. I”d venture to say that we”re all quite envious.

1. This can”t be comfortable.

This can

2. Lugging those huge boots around all day actually tuckered outside her.

Lugging those big boots around all day really tuckered her out.

3. “No, I don”t need to eat an additional bite.”

"No, I don

4. Shopping is exhausting.

Shopping is exhausting.

5. I…can”t…reach…the…jelly…


6. Become one with the storage.

Become one with the storage.

7. I think his mother didn”t make it to the door quickly enough.

I guess his mom didn

8. All that reading made this one tired.

All that reading made this one sleepy.

9. Sledding is so boring!

Sledding is so boring!

10. There”s a brand new doorstop in town.


11. Blanket, Yum.

Yum, blanket.

12. We”ve all been there.


13. And here we

And here we have a future contortionist.

14. DIY bed job. It”s so simple!

DIY bed project. It

15. She’s had it.

She has had it.

16. This girl wants some ibuprofen to go with that rest and a bottle of water.

This girl needs a bottle of water and some ibuprofen to go with that nap.

17. Nearly made it.

Almost made it.

18. Homework: 1, Baby: 0

Homework: 1, Baby: 0

19. Man, your bed is correct there.

Dude, your bed is right <em>there.</em>

20. I”ll break out afterwards. It”s rest time.


21. Only do another time to the laundry.

Just do the laundry some other time.

22. I believe you”re doing that incorrect.

I think you

23. He’s tired of those toys.

He is quite literally tired of those toys.

24. That”s not how a crib functions.


25. You keep shopping. I”ll be here…sleeping.

You keep shopping. I

26. A rest for the outdoorsy sort.

A nap for the outdoorsy type.

27. Yeah, I”ll be your pillow. It”s good.

Yeah, I

28. There”s some serious bond occurring here.


29. Flexible resting.

Flexible napping.

30. You couldn”t just complete the corn dog?

You couldn

(via twentytwowords)

If only I could discover a means to rest in my office. I”ll figure it out one day. Until then, I”ll only live vicariously through these children.

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